Sunday, 30 September 2012

Josette in the dining room.

Today is the day when the dining room gets serious. We are taking the opportunity of using a few days without guests to re-wallpaper the dining room. Josette by Laura Ashley in dove grey and white is the chosen paper, because it's lovely.
The weather is a pain, autumn rain is necessary to fill the reservoirs for next summer, that would true be if they weren't already full to overflowing that is. 
We were in Cafe 76 in Skipton having lunch yesterday and giggling at the broken chit chat we could hear. Next to us was an obviously 'new' couple of advanced years, each trying to impress the other. He talked loudly of all things 'canal' locks bridges statistics etc. The lady talked of liking live theatre and being on committees. Neither seemed to reply to each other about the subject the other was talking about. Somehow I think that love is destined to disappoint, however, cheers to the journey guys.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Curtains and the changing light

As the nights draw in and the lights come on  earlier we have changed our dining room curtains in much lighter fresher colours. duck egg blue polka dots and chintzy cabbage rose floral, which Tracey has cleverly made into broad horizontal bands. We think colour is probably more important on winter than summer as a mood lifter, well that's the theory.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Autumn leaves and turquoise skies

Autumn is definitely here, cool and wet with the slight odour of damp, smoky bonfires and things starting to die back. I love those golden autumn days with turquoise skies and crisp golden leaves underfoot. I grew up in the suberbs so when the leaves covered the pavements it looked like a country lane.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Grassington by moonlight an daffodils in the morning.

Well last night we were dancing in Grassington for the 1940's weekend today we have tidied the roadside border and planted tons of daffodils and narcissi. When the seasons change it's a pleasure to create something in the garden that wasn't there before and will be a golden cheer of colour in spring 2013.
Grassington in the dark was magical, and to be honest I was more interested in the scene outside than inside, however the parachute over the dancefloor was spectacular. But the old lamps cobbled streets and noonlight were like something out of a fairytale.
Inside was a riot of Glenn Miller, ladies in snoods and quite a few General Pattons. It was cool to see whole families in there and lots of young ladies dressed as landgirls and nurses, who couldn't foxtrot or quickstep but were flying round the floor like prancing ponies doing their own take on WW2.
We go because we love all things Lindy at Grange Fell, unfortunately for us not a lot of that happened but when it did . wow. I am personally rubbish at it, however Tracey is fantastic. It was nice to see old friends and fantastic to watch all the dancing. We even sang  'The White Cliffs of Dover and Pensylvania 657. Good times.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Backwards walking

Our lovely walker this week is writing an on-line book about walking the Pennine Way, backwards, that is North to South. He described us as  a lovely surprise, which, is a delightful thing to say.
Thanks to our lovely friend who delivered a whole pile of vintage china, a 1950's mangle and two big bags of winfall apples, Thank you. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Vintage dancing and French grey windows

Well Grange Fell is looking forward to a little dance at Gargrave Village hall on Saturday, half of us (that's me) have surely forgotten how to do a back Charleston. I will concentrate on the pie and pea supper instead.
Our glorious paint is arriving tomorrow so I hope that weekend will give us some weather breaks that will enable us to apply a soft grey shade of white to the beautiful window casements at the rear of the house. I am expecting cats and dogs in reality.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Pretty Things from Modello
Sometimes on a cold wet windy night I like to look at pretty sparkly things and Modello certainly has plenty. Click on the web address above to see their lovely range of Swarovski Crystal Jewellery.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Making a comment

Well soggy Autmumn mornings have become the norm, however Grange fell saturday evenings are sorted. Dine for two care of Tescos and Strictly Come Dancing will carry us through to that time of year when searching for snowdrops and counting each minute of the days statring to lengthen. Might manage some creative textiles too.
If you find it hard to make a comment on the site the way to do it is on the G+ badge on the left of the post, (picture of a butterfly on a flower)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

French Grey Windows and Pudgy the Hedgehog

Today we bought our new exterior paint for the windows, Little & Greenes's French Grey, I love the way you can change the light on the swatch display to show how warm light and cool light changes the colour. I love soft chalky greys, they blend so perfectly with Yorkshire skies, be they blue, grey or navy blue. It's very tempting to select brighter shades but they look so false in the wrong light. Of course it is the matt eggshell, is there anything else?
last night our hedgehog re-appeared, he always shows up when I'm feeling just a little sad about something. watching him scramble over the foot bars of the outside chairs made me smile. These bandy stringy little legs pushing his pudgy self up and over in his search for fat juicy slugs remind me of a lovely lady I once knew who could scramble about any obstacle with grace and determination.

Friday, 14 September 2012

When when when. little hen....

We are getting really excited about getting chickens and having speckled hens. Planning stocks of all thing chicken at Grange Fell. Tracey is selecting names as I type,
We will have to see how it works out, however fresh eggs are just amazing and I'm looking forward to lots of tortillas and frittatas , nom nom.
This is just a little heads up for tomorrows post, it may involve a few new plates and things, I am getting totally obsessed with chintz,, china and all things bright an colourful, it must be the dark nights drawing in.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Big smiles in the House

We are very happy and just a bit relieved. Today we received our bi-annual inspection report from the tourist board. We have stayed within our 3star rating and have got lots of lovely comments, and achieved many elements of a 4 star Bed and Breakfast, Unless we install en-suite bathrooms we can never achieve the 4 stars.
 The hotel inspectors comments about Tracey's breakfast has her beaming with happiness. We will post comments from the report at weekend. In the meantime. we'll have to keep busy planning our spring borders.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Vintage Style

We might be a bit obsessed with all things V&A, however we are just loving their tableware and can't 'not' buy more. There is something so satisfying about filling the plate rack with pretty china. Even  the first sight of it a 6am on a Sunday morning lifts the spirits.
Guests love it too and we get lots of positive comments. We haven;t chosen a particular collection we've mixed and matched designs which just makes it even more fun. Not forgetting Pip's Studio china and Katie and Alice collections we have just carried on. All the boring white plates are gone. No more square plates and box style bowls,  everything is rosy round and just plain pretty.

Friday, 7 September 2012


Less than 30minutes away by car you can be sitting by the river Aire in Linton watch the water roll by. In the village is the fantastic Fountaine Inn where good food at good prices can be found. We particularly like this spot such a tranquil place that seems so unnafected by modern hustle and bustle. Sunday might be a good day to drive over to somewhere close by and take some new pics.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

When Suki was small enough to fit in a basket

today my friend and colleague Catherine told me she wants to get a puppy. I asked her what kind of dog and she said a ' Cockerpoo' I was slighty perplexed until she showed me a pic. They look just like the old Sylvac pot dogs, very very cute.
it feels like autumn is here, leaves are turning and our greenhouse tomatoes are stripped of most of their leaves. There is a jarful of green tomatoes in the kitchen and the condensation in the mornings is a bit too extreme to term 'Morning Dew'

Monday, 3 September 2012

Musical Chairs

What are you two up to now?
The cats are getting all confused as furniture jenga gets underway. We decided to replace a chair in one of our bedroooms with a smaller one, swap the one we had taken out with one in the Kingsize room.
We must teach the Grange Fell Pride to stand back and give things a good coat of looking at, however as soon as something is installed, they fling themselves at it like lemmings on the edge of a cliff. As they scramble to establish squatting rights.we are keening to get a good view of the change Of course they're not allowed on furniture and know it, cheeky little scamps.
Having re-located kittens to the living room and closed the door, we can now see what we've done, and it looks very nice. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

All dressed up with somewhere to go.

We've had such a lovely weekend entertaining two smashing Lancashire lasses, over for a wedding blessing and knees up in Barnoldswick. These two stunners of a 'certain age,' have graced our home with clouds of perfume, chatter, laughter and feminine wit. When I reach their age I hope I have as much humour and glamour, and, I have to say, lust for life.
I don't think the taxi companies who delivered them to and from all venues including ours will forget them either.
There's something so special about friendship, they just nattered and chatted the whole time and as they left told us, it has been a privilege. ladies the privilege was all ours xxxx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Porter Music at Grange Fell UK

Porter Music UK
Recent, and might I say lovely guest of Grange Fell

Our lovely walkers have set off on their journey to Wycoller.
We get far more walking guests who are undertaking the Pennine Way but far fewer walking the Pendle Way. At 45 miles it's a much shorter route and the other benefit is it's circular, so You finish where you set off, It's also very very beautiful. Grange Fell loves Wycoller, full of ancient bridges and housing a wonderful ancient barn, which is now a visitor centre. The Pennine Way and the Pendle Way intersect here just behind Grange Fell so we are in a very convenient spot for walkers travelling either route
( digital artwork by Diane Anderson. Grange Fell Studios).

fabric scraps

fabric scraps