Friday, 31 August 2012

Making Soap with Nina, Ada, Janet, Karen, Alicia, Tom, Dan and Harry.

Well soap made using Kirsty Allsops recipe from the telly programme. it is a large amount, There are two tupperware boxes usually used for bacon (long and shallow) a small sandwich box and a medium sized one too. So everyone went away happily clutching treasure. It will be six weeks before it will have cured and be ready to use. To me it looks like a really good batch, we used lavender, melissa and ylang ylang to perfume the soap and the kitchen now smells amazing.
If you have never made your own old fashioned soap before have a go. it's very easy and for under £5 we have probably made about 30 bars of top quality super rich moisturising soap. We don't colour our soaps, rather leave then their own natural buttery shade of honey. This type of soap is super-fatted and lathers up like whipped cream and is very long lasting.
My best tips.
  • Use good quality oils I like, grapeseed and rice oils.
  • Use Trex or Lard as the hard fat (cheaper and better than coconut or shea)
  • measure and weigh carefully
  • get everything ready first
  • wear rubber gloves and long sleeves you should also wear goggles
  • use a cheap stick blender (£5 ish) or you will have to stir for 40 mins
  • use a very deep plastic mixing bowl.
  • keep everything you use for soap making only

Miss Smith and Soap making.

a little better. Maybe.
However a lovely visit from my colleague this morning and an afternoon of soap making with my daughter and friends will no doubt lift the spirits.

I like Ikea I just don't like 'doing it' I think they should invent a sort of Star Trek beam so it just materialises in place. I thought it so it must be possible, I need to talk to the lovely Dr Brian Cox, anybody know him.........please

Thursday, 30 August 2012

New Tablecloths

Yesterday I discovered my secret hiding place that housed my small collection of old hand embroidered textiles. Over the years I have built up this little collection, sourcing them usually from independant charity shops in small lancashire towns. When we moved here I had it in mind to get them all in use. Somewhere in the move I lost them.
Standing in the studio yesterday looking for a hammer I saw the corner of one of lost treasures hanging from the beam where we store all our collected textiles to use in sewing projects. In four years they have been hidden in plain sight.
After an anxious wash dry and iron they are all clean and just beautiful. time to look for some more i think.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Pinned Image of a lovely red squirrel

Pinned Image

Then she made...: BOO sign

Then she made...: BOO sign:  So, these mod-podged wooden letters are all over the internet and on lots of craft blogs.  However, although they aren't a new idea, I love...
I like this click on the link to see a sweet Halloween project that is not at all naff

Butterflies and Bobbins

On rainy days when dashing from the back door to the car and studio it's nice to look at the garden last weekend when the Buddleas were smothere in butterflies.
Our walkers trudged off, after a restful night and warming breafasts, into sheets of rain, fortunately it's stopped now and we hope they dry off quickly. we are sourcing new top quilts and bed throws for the looming autumn and winter season, although we can't remember when summer actually happened,
Looking back over the last six weeks we have used our time indoors to do lots of decorating and re-organising so we can use the autumn evenings to create our new textile room in the basement. It's a way off yet but we can sew in there now, however getting really creative will need a bit more tweaking of the space on offer.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Xander and Suki.

Just a little nap half an hour after they woke up
we forget to mention lots, that we are artists, and love to share our finds

500px / Photo "Ant's view" by Marco Schmidt

500px / Photo "Ant's view" by Marco Schmidt
This is such a beautiful photograph click on the link to see

Cats and Actresses

Our little Burmese Thirri, sunbathing in the window.

Grange Fell is currently enjoying a warm sunny afternoon,
Libby left this morning, she's an actress up from London, preparing for a big street event in Nelson. She is an absolute tiny bundle of joy and we love having her stay with us. She leads an exciting life living on a boat and travelling round the country, we just find her a breath of fresh air. good luck today Libby and I'm glad it's not raining.
All our walkers have arrived, dry that makes a change this year. so the rest of the day is ours to enjoy.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Good Luck

Good luck to the three lovely ladies who stayed here last night. Thaey are cycling the Liverpool Leeds Canal in support of a Charity for the Homeless and and Soup Kitchen. I really hope that todays rain hasn't been to much of a problem for them.

Spring Planning

It's time to plant the spring bulbs for 2013, Hmmmmmm I love searching for the first signs of spring and love looking for the first snowdrops. There are lots of organised snowdrop walks in the area , although we've got lot,s we are planning to make a real roadside show for next year.
There might be a lot more Tete a Tete daffodils too. We love the larger daffs, and, have got lots of them but there's something magical about seeing the dainty little flowers in spring.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Grange Fell is celebrating a special day today, it is the Christeningof Diane's grandaughter Ada Violet .There will be a beautiful service followed by a Church Hall do of celebration breakfasts.

this link is re last weekend Join In event in Barnoldswick

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Friday, 24 August 2012

Bedrooms and paint schemes

Today I'm going to do some more decorating, my bedroom this time. I like the paper in there, laura Ashley. it's just a bit much on every wall so I'm going to chance some paint over paper. If it doesn't work I'll just have to totally re do it. No probs either way, I really want a little something more gentle.

I'm going to try Fired earth Bone as it's worked so well in the kitchen and I've got some left. Where this will end is a bit of a mystery, usually once I start something it can just grow and grow.


I know there have been many insects who have suffered during the wet weather over the summer, however the back of the house is covered in tortoiseshells enjoying the sun.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

These guys visit once a year, however we are thinking of getting some Speckled hens

Welcome! - The Rustic Rabbit

Welcome! - The Rustic Rabbit
Grange Fell loves the Rustic Rabbit in Grassington


Of course all our Burmese cats are terribly intelligent. Just found this pic of Suki when she was a kitten. awwwwwwwwww xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Grange Fell: Cycling with Bradley Wiggins

Grange Fell: Cycling with Bradley Wiggins: Dear Diane We did it! And we had a wonderful time. Brad talked to Nic as they were cycling along so she was thrilled & it certainly gave ...

Cycling with Bradley Wiggins

Dear Diane
We did it! And we had a wonderful time. Brad talked to Nic as they were cycling along so she was thrilled & it certainly gave her the incentive to finish the last 20 miles which were wet & hilly & pretty gruesome!
Thank you for making our stay pleasant & for doing v early breakfast.
Best wishes,
How fantastic is this, well done both of you we are in awe

Monday, 20 August 2012

A lapfull of love

One of the absolute best bits of having four beautiful Burmese cats is the morning greeting. Suki, Xander Thirri and Tilly are our lovely Burmese cats. Today the ironing is up to the ceiling, but when you sit down with your morning coffee and look at it, and Thirri jumps on your knee, curls up and head butts your hand for a stroke, it's all okay.
The iron is fired up and the battle of getting it finished before lunch has started. lets hope Xander isn't in a helpful mood and chooses to play with his blue mouse and not the iron.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Well our cyclists have breakfasted and are now cycling 160k to Lancaster and back with Bradley Wiggins, They will be shattered but elated I expect.
Well done though We can't even manage a trike, we do jolly good breakfasts though,

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Wigg Effect.
This weekend there is a cycling event in Barnoldswick with our Olympic Hero, Bradley Wiggins as part of the weekend. We are fully booked and looking forward to meeting all our guests this weekend.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

We love these old posters (copyright free) it's not just the amazing layout and font but the image of a peacock, sadly out of fashion now.
We are using these colours for some summer freshening up of the kitchen but not these proportions. The white domintes (Fired Earth Bone) with touches of grey blue and duck egg. We might just get a tiny bit of tomato red gingham to do some finishing touches.

Monday, 13 August 2012

New chairs and old paintings

Wow Tracey has just done an amazing job re-covering the dining room chairs using beautiful linens in shades of blue and grey, she's got enough left to make something else too.
for the first time I have included a painting by me Twins Joining 2011.

I would love to get to my garden gate by crossing the river on stepping stones. Linton in the Yorkshire Dales.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Madison Avenue Baby Craft & Decorate: Ann Wood's Amazing Ships

Madison Avenue Baby Craft & Decorate: Ann Wood's Amazing Ships


An Old threshing Barn at Linton.
There is always so much clearing out to do, Tracey has started to turn our little blue shed into a work of art. I think it must have been the book on beautiful sheds she's had her head buried in.
It's official I hate supermarket shopping, I remember when I used to take a list to the Dairy, a shop in Heaton Moor, Stockport, where I was born, and the groceries being delivered in the afternoon. The best thing about going there was watching the grocers slide the library ladders across the shelves so they could run up and down to get your shopping. of course using the wooden paddles to pat the butter was eye poppingly good.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

The tiny village of Linton in the Yorkshire Dales is just twenty minutes by car from Grange Fell, this beautiful spot on earth still has Elizabethan Houses, a village green, a river running through with ancient bridges to cross
e T

Thirri and honeysuckle raspberries.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Grange Fell: Lino Printing at Grange Fell

Grange Fell: Lino Printing at Grange Fell: Well last nights lino printing class with Helen and Caroline from Ribbon Circus, the only wool shop, in the universe (Hebden Bridge) was a...

Lino Printing at Grange Fell

Well last nights lino printing class with Helen and Caroline from Ribbon Circus, the only wool shop, in the universe (Hebden Bridge) was a great succes, said Tracey. All I know is they scoffed all the profiteroles.
BTW Tracey, the other half of all things Grange Fell is a fine art print-maker and runs regular classes and courses, so if you're interested give us a call.


One minute the skies ar blue and the sun is shining the next, rainclouds above. It would be lovely to spend a day in the garden instead of snatching a few minutes here and there.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Well how did it go? I have palyed Jenga and moved things and have got a whole pile of rubbish to burn so I think there will be a bit more space, just not today, So it's still a blank canvas.

Grange Fell: well today is the day that the basement transforma...

Grange Fell: well today is the day that the basement transforma...: well today is the day that the basement transformation begins from office to textile room, I might even squeeze a little play shop, house,...
well today is the day that the basement transformation begins from office to textile room, I might even squeeze a little play shop, house, area. let the work begin,
tools list:

oh and A star jenga skills

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Grange Fell: little embroidered birds

Grange Fell: little embroidered birds: Well it looks like an evening inside as the sky's leaking. However I am pleased with todays craft activity I think I've adapted the s...

little embroidered birds

Well it looks like an evening inside as the sky's leaking. However I am pleased with todays craft activity I think I've adapted the stuffed dove pattern and given it a bit of a Scandinavian twist. I'll try to post pics. I've installed my little birds in a vintage bamboo birdcage (spay-painted soft mossy green) and installed the whole thing on top of my wardrobe. It's a possibility that these little birds will feature heavily on Christmas door wreaths and swags.

Grange Fell Guest House

Grange Fell Guest House
lots of butterflies out too

Grange Fell Guest House

Grange Fell Guest House is sunbathing and listening to birds............ and sheep
 Been in the garden picking fruit. Raspberries, black currants and rhubarb.
Rhubarb jam and chutney now made.
Rhubarb Jam
1Kg Rhubarb
1Kg sugar
1 Vanilla pod
some ginger to taste.
Cut rhubarb in to chunks
Pop everything in a big pot and bring slowly to the boil.
Turn down and simmer for 15 - 20 mins.
Take off any scum and test for setting point.
When ready put into to clean sterilised jars.
I got 5 jam jars full.

Grange Fell Guest House

Grange Fell Guest House

Thursday, 2 August 2012
The Key to a good break in the West Riding is to visit Haworth, in Bronte Country


The sun is out............. woo hoo, life is so much better when it's sunny. Well Grange Fell has made quite a few improvements lately, We love Laura Ashley. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

this week, we got a couple of small play tunnels for the cats, they are obsessed with them. The best game is definitely terratorial, mainly all we get to see is a tail sticking out. Whoever's in there tries to stay there whilst the others circle the perimiter, giving the odd exploritory poke. Then anther one will enter and the whole tunnel rolls up and down the room. I'd film it for youtube but a tube and a couple of swishing tails might not engage a world-wide audience. Howeve it amuses us, muchly.

beautiful blogsite for arty peeps one of my favourite blogsites

Grange Fell: Bathrooms and Meatballs

Grange Fell: Bathrooms and Meatballs: well today is the day..................., by that I mean the new cushion floor vinyl (whatever0 flooring arrives for the guest bathroom an...

I absolutely love these peeps
A fab website and blog

Bathrooms and Meatballs

well today is the day..................., by that I mean the new cushion floor vinyl (whatever0 flooring arrives for the guest bathroom and ours. It's been a bit hectic trying to get everything ready and I've still got a carpet to uproot before the fitter arrives. Possibly even might be an idea to grab a quick shower myself as I am a paint spattered wreck.
I will be as free as this butterfly for the afternoon if all goes well.
Absolutely looking forward to working on the Grange Fell B&B website tonight with Roger from Eagle Media I think I'll attempt Italian meatballs and spaghetti. Feel free to send me your recipes.